Half term news

Son2 did a sponsored Wellie Walk on the last day of school, achieving 13 laps of the school field – pretty impressive for one so young.  He was very proud of his certificate and has been busy collecting sponsor money from relatives this week.

He also went for a playdate after school that day, but bless him, he didn’t want to come home.  He woke up very early the next morning in tears, missing his little friend.

I was working at the weekend but the rest of the family enjoyed a celebratory lunch out for Granny’s birthday.  And they saved me a yummy slice of cake.

Tuesday was a sad day, whilst my husband attended a family funeral.  Son1 went with a friend to a Gladiator event which they both enjoyed.  They then came back for a play session at our home.

The boys have been sleeping at their grandparents’ caravan this week, which they love.  They alternate each evening, as it is only a two-berth.

We introduced a points system a couple of weeks ago, to encourage the boys to be more helpful.  They earn stars which can be saved up for treats or cashed in for extra time on computer games.  Points are also deducted for bad behaviour.  Early days, but it seems to be working.  Son1 is saving his points for a book he wants.

The tooth fairy has been busy visiting our house, with son1 losing 3 teeth.


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