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This is my first attempt at a blog so I was very pleased to see a couple of people like my most recent post.  It’s great to know that it is being read.

I had some good news today.  I’ve won a competition.  It’s my biggest win to date.  A luxury bath and body set worth over £100.

Seascape bath and body set

I’m looking forward to pampering myself with it once it arrives.  I got into comping last year, when I entered several competitions for events at the Edinburgh festival.  We were on holiday near Edinburgh, doing our first house-swap, and were on a very tight budget at the time.  I won tickets to see Julia Donaldson at the book festival, Hairy Maclary and the food festival.  And we were also offered complimentary tickets for Icarus, whilst walking along the Royal Mile.   We loved all the shows and had great fun tasting stuff at the Food Festival.

We enjoyed our house-swap and I thoroughly recommend it as a holiday choice.  We swap with families with similar age children.  You get all the space of a family home and know that your own home is being looked after.  The boys love playing with different toys.  We did a second house-swap later last year to Lincolnshire and are hoping to organise one to Worcestershire this year.

I also keep my eye out for creative competitions for the boys as they both love drawing.  I’ve already posted a couple of their successes on my blog and son2 has now had another win, which I’ll do a separate blog post for, once his picture is uploaded.

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