Charlie – the School Bear

Slightly late in posting details of this, but we had a visitor the weekend before Easter.  Son2 came home from school on the Friday very happy with his class bear, Charlie.  This was Charlie’s fourth visit to us, as he came once last term and twice previously with my oldest son.  We’ve also had two visits from Harry Bear, so we’re well acquainted with the process now.  Take plenty of photos and help my son to write up Charlie’s weekend diary.

Usually the children have activities at the weekend, but the only event in our calendar was son1’s performance of Singing in the Rain, and son2 didn’t want to take Charlie Bear to that.  Instead the poor bear got left in the car.  So by the end of Saturday, Charlie’s most interesting experience was grocery shopping.  Hmmm, this was not looking like he was going to have a very exciting diary.

Charlie Bear goes shopping

So on Sunday, I suggested we bake some Charlie bear biscuits.  Son2 liked this idea.  And he also helped to make some Easter bunny biscuits too.  I also took the opportunity to bake some top hat cakes and currant buns.

Baking Charlie Bear biscuits


Charlie Bear biscuits


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