My review of Lulin Teas

I have received some samples of Lulin Teas to review.  You can see details of their full range of teas on their website at

I shared these with my mum who is very much into tea, in particular enjoying taking afternoon tea at tearooms.   She also does voluntary talks on tea for groups like the WI.

The first tea I sampled was the Butterfly Dance Blooming Tea which has been featured in Vogue May 2012.  This comes as a ball of green tea, which once brewed, the ball opens to reveal Jasmine, Marigold and Lily flowers.  It is recommended that you use a glass teapot, so that you can watch the ball opening.  I don’t possess a glass teapot, so I brewed this in my cafetière.  It was amazing to watch, as it slowly opened to reveal the flower and you can see how it got its name.  It really did look like a Butterfly Dance and my children were entranced watching it.  The tea was pale in colour with a gentle flavour.  I really enjoyed this tea.  The instructions state that you can re-steep this tea up to 3 times, so I tested re-steeping.  I was surprised to see that once again the flower stood up and danced, after having been slumped at the bottom of the empty pot.  The taste was still as enjoyable on re-steeping.

Butterfly Dance Blooming Tea

The second tea I sampled was Ginseng Oolong Tea Cubed.  This is a cube-shaped teabag containing whole leaf.  I had no idea what Ginseng would taste like, but my preconception was that I wouldn’t care much for this tea, as the write-up said that it had a hint of liquorice, which is not a flavour I particularly enjoy.  However I was proved wrong.  I did like this tea, but none of us could detect a liquorice flavour.  I followed the instructions of discarding the first brew and initially chose to infuse for 1 minute.  This gave a gentle flavour which I enjoyed.  A second cup infused for longer, I found slightly strong for my palette.

Neither tea gave instructions as to whether to serve with or without milk, so I chose to serve both without milk.

I am very happy to recommend both these products.  More details on these products are available on the Lulin Teas website.

Disclosure. This post is a review of products I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.

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