Highs and lows

I haven’t had time to post my news lately, so will do a catch-up, back to 2 weekends ago.  This was a high, as we went to visit my sister and family on the Saturday, meeting my beautiful new niece for the first time.  My husband took all the boys out to the local National Trust, including my nephew, giving the new parents a chance to rest, whilst I helped out with hoovering and ironing.

Then on the Sunday, my husband (with some help from the rest of us) assembled a trampoline in our garden.  This seemed to take all day, with the boys eagerly waiting to bounce on it – they finally got their first go just before bedtime.  Meanwhile we also planted vegetable seeds.  I am looking forward to eating our homegrown produce.


Moving onto the low, son1 hasn’t been tip-top recently.  Over the last couple of weeks, he has complained of pains in various parts of his body.  And last Sunday, he woke in distress at 4am with such a bad pain in his ankle, that culminated in a trip to A&E at 6am.  Three and a half hours later home again, but no diagnosis.  His health issues have continued this week, and he was quite upset to miss a school trip to the nature reserve yesterday, due to back pain.  All quite worrying.  Our GP advised last Monday to wait 2-3 weeks before having a blood test, if still ongoing.

Meanwhile we did also manage to fit in our first barbeque of the year last weekend.  And the first mow of the lawn.

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