My children’s funniest moments (for Cycle Tot’s)

My children often say or do funny things.  Too many to list them all, but here are some favourites.

My youngest son loves taking numerous silly photos of anything.  He hasn’t tried doing this on a bicycle yet, but it may happen.  Here are a few.

My son's photo of himself

My son’s photo of himself

Photo of me by my son

Photo of me by my son

Random silly photo by my son

Random silly photo by my son

My oldest son often talks in his own silly language, by changing the starting letter of all words, totally incomprehensible to others, so Mum and Dad have to act as interpreters.  For instance, today, cleaning time became “meaning mime”.

And together, my sons go into their own funny pretend world, as Star Wars characters or Super Heroes.  They then become totally oblivious to anyone trying to speak to them.

This post is for the Comedy Cycle Tot’s competition and I nominate the following bloggers who may be interested in entering too.
Di Coke –
Lilinha Angel –

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