Another update on my son’s treatment

Son1 has now commenced the 4th phase of his chemotherapy treatment – delayed intensification.  We always knew this was going to be a tough phase, as there is a lot of medication, but he is being a real little trooper.

He had started his new school a week and a half previously, arriving at lunchtime on the first day of term straight from the hospital, as he had ended up not being discharged until the Monday morning, when we had expected to be home the previous Friday.  He was just so keen to start at the same time as the other children, not the usual reaction from most children to school.  And he managed almost full-time attendance during those few days, which was a remarkable achievement compared to the few odd hours he managed towards the end of last term at his old school.  We were hoping being there at the start of term would give him a chance to bond with his new classmates, but he stuck steadily with his buddy who had come from his old school.

And even now suffering tiredness and nausea side-effects of the chemotherapy, he is still managing a lot of hours at school.  I was expecting him to be too poorly to manage much school until after half-term, so this is amazing.  Well done to him.

He is unable to participate in contact sports, as he has a portacath implanted in his chest, but school has designated him “coach”, so he can still join in the fun with the other boys when he is up to participating.  No standing shivering at the edge of the pitch.

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