The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge

I’m taking part in the Mission Deli Wraps “Lunch Less Ordinary” blogger challenge which means I will be blogging about at least one of their challenges that I’ve done during each week.

Every week, for four weeks, Mission Deli Wraps will be releasing fun, unusual challenges for bloggers to complete and post about. Some of them will be quite easy, and some will be slightly more challenging.

At Mission Deli Wraps, they believe that life, just like your lunch, is what you make it. Routine and humdrum or exciting and fun. It’s your choice, and they are here to help! They want everyone to grab a wrap with both hands and get stuck in.

The Challenges are to help inspire the nation do something more fun, exciting and a little less ordinary over lunch.

Round 1 Challenges are:

1) Make an indoor camp for you and your little ones to enjoy an adventurous lunch in.

2) Make lunch for your neighbour – either at work or at home!

3) How many ways can you eat a tomato – inspired by La Tomatina, we challenge you to use tomatoes in every lunch you make this week (different each day!)

4) Put the kids in charge of lunch for a week.

I only received the details of the Challenges for Round 1 on day 5 of week 1, so that has somewhat limited my options, ruling out participating in either Challenge 3 or 4. Shame as I would really have loved to try Challenge 3.  So I’ve chosen to do Challenge 1 this week.

I set up the tent for an indoor camp. I filled Mission Deli Wraps with coronation chicken and served with tomatoes, carrot and pretzels – yummy. Son1 thought it was fantastic to have an adventurous indoor camp lunch, especially as food is usually only allowed in the kitchen.

Enjoying adventurous indoor camp lunch

Enjoying adventurous indoor camp lunch

Enjoying adventurous indoor camp lunch

Enjoying adventurous indoor camp lunch

Yummy Mission Deli Wrap

Yummy Mission Deli Wrap

Although I didn’t receive the challenge details in time to use tomatoes in my lunch every day this week, I thought it would be fun to also compile a list of what I could have made for lunch. So here is my partial attempt at Challenge 3.  All are meals that I do cook, although I’ve never made them all in one week yet.

Cheese and Tomato Toasted Sandwich
Cheese, Bacon and Tomato Quiche
Egg Mayonnaise and Tomato Sandwich
Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Salad
Tomato and Onion Bruschetta
Tomato Soup
Mock Crab

For those of you who are wondering what Mock Crab is, the recipe is also on my blog.

Take a look at Mission Wraps UK Facebook page to see some of their Lunch Less Ordinary ideas.  And I hope that my post inspires you to take up the challenge too.

I’m looking forward to what next weeks challenges may be.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge. You can find out more at I will be sent some Mission Deli wraps and have a chance to win some great prizes for taking part.

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