The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge – Week 2

I’m taking part in the Mission Deli Wraps “Lunch Less Ordinary” blogger challenge which means I will be blogging about at least one of their challenges that I’ve done during each week.  Some of you may have already read my post of what I did for week 1.

Every week, for four weeks, Mission Deli Wraps will be releasing fun, unusual challenges for bloggers to complete and post about. Some of them will be quite easy, and some will be slightly more challenging.

Mission Deli Wraps is committed to inspiring people to enjoy A Lunch Less Ordinary; whether it’s leaving your desk for an extra half an hour over lunch, swapping your usual packed lunch for a tasty Mission Deli Wraps, or getting covered in tomatoes at La Tomatina in Valencia.

The Challenges are to help inspire the nation do something more fun, exciting and a little less ordinary over lunch.

Round 2 Challenges are:

1) Mini ‘wrappers’ – get the kids to make up the lyrics to a ‘wrap’ about their lunch

2) Have lunch in a less ordinary location! Send us your photos collage at the end of the week – we’re looking for the most creative wrap lunches and locations!

3) Have lunch in your own mini mardi gras – check out the images we’ve sent you as inspiration!

4) Lunchtime less ordinary bus tour. Take some wraps and go enjoy the sights of your local area

Once again, I was late receiving the challenges, but this was quickly resolved after me asking again the next day.  And luckily none required doing something every day, so I could choose from all the challenges this time.  So after reading the challenges, I asked my oldest son if he would like to do challenge 1 and got a resounding yes.  He was very keen to do his own version of “Gangnam style” and immediately started singing his ideas.  We decided that we would also link in challenge 4, by videoing him singing on the kids bus outside the shopping precinct.

Mission Deli Wrap Song
by son1

Whopper Wrapper Style
Whopper Wrapper Style
Whopper Wrapper Style
Whopper Wrapper Style
Eh Sexy Wrapper Wrap Wrap
Whopper Wrapper Style
Eh Sexy Wrapper Wrap Wrap
Whopper Wrapper Style

Goat's cheese and carrot

Goat’s cheese and carrot

So I prepared our lunch wraps – goats cheese and grated carrot, this time using the free pack of Mission Deli wraps that I had been sent in the post.  Then off we went to do the filming, son1 choosing to dress the part with his cap on back-to-front and his hoodie half hanging off.  Unfortunately the video was shorter than I hoped, as son1’s iPod ran out of space, halfway through me doing the filming.  And son1’s singing had to compete against the nursery rhyme from the bus.  But we did enjoy our fun lunchtime less ordinary.

It's a wrap!

It’s a wrap!

Take a look at Mission Wraps UK Facebook page to see some of their Lunch Less Ordinary ideas.  They are also running a competition on their page for you to set our next challenge.  You could win an “On a mission” t-shirt for your suggestion.  And I hope that my post inspires you to take up the challenge too.

I’m looking forward to what next weeks challenges may be.

And to help the nation liberate its lunch, Mission Deli Wraps have launched a new on pack competition, giving you the chance to have lunch in some of the most exciting places in the world or £10,000 cash.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge. You can find out more at I have been sent some free Mission Deli wraps and have a chance to win some great prizes for taking part.

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