The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge – Week 3

I’m taking part in the Mission Deli Wraps “Lunch Less Ordinary” blogger challenge which means I will be blogging about at least one of their challenges that I’ve done during each week.  Some of you may have already read my posts of what I did for week 1 and week 2.  Mission Deli Wraps gave me a big shout out for our Less Ordinary Lunch last week.

Every week, for four weeks, Mission Deli Wraps will be releasing fun, unusual challenges for bloggers to complete and post about. Some of them will be quite easy, and some will be slightly more challenging.

At Mission Deli Wraps, they believe that life, just like your lunch, is what you make it. Routine and humdrum or exciting and fun. It’s your choice, and they are here to help! They want everyone to grab a wrap with both hands and get stuck in.

The Challenges are to help inspire the nation do something more fun, exciting and a little less ordinary over lunch.

Round 3 Challenges are:

1) Theme your lunch on a different country each day for a week.

2) Put unusual flavours together in a wrap and get the kids to eat them blindfolded. They need to guess what the weird but it works flavours are. Best of 3 ‘what’s that wrap’ wins! And whatever their favourite is goes in Monday’s lunchbox. Yum!

3) Make a wrap based on your favourite book or film – e.g. The Italian Job – Green Rocket, White Mozzarella and Red Tomatoes

4) Can you make a ‘free lunch’? We’ll send you some wraps as a starting point and then ask friends and family to donate one item each and see what you can create – the weirder the better! ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’

This week I decided to opt for challenge 1 and to include wraps as part of lunch each day this week.

Tuesday – India
Chicken balti served with a folded wrap instead of naan bread.

Balti with a wrap

Balti with a wrap

Wednesday – China
A chicken variant in the style of Peking Duck, using a wrap instead of a pancake. I spread Hoisin sauce on the wrap, added chicken, spring onion and cucumber, then rolled it up.

Making a chicken wrap in the style of Peking Duck

Making a chicken wrap in the style of Peking Duck

Thursday – Greece
A greek salad of feta cheese, olives, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and spring onion rolled in a wrap.

Making greek salad in a wrap

Making greek salad in a wrap

Friday – Italy
Pepperoni pizza made on a wrap instead of a traditional pizza base.

Pizza on a wrap

Pizza on a wrap

Saturday – Mexico
A country that I absolutely had to include in this challenge. But so many possible choices – enchiladas, fajitas, chimichangas. In the end I decided to make burritos served with salsa, sour cream and spicy rice.

Burrito served with salsa, sour cream and spicy rice

Burrito served with salsa, sour cream and spicy rice

The children had never eaten burritos, so I linked in challenge 2, by asking them if they would like to guess what was inside. Son2 didn’t want to try, but son1 had a go. Watch the video to see his guesses. The filling actually comprised onion, refried beans, lettuce, cheese and tomato.

Sunday – Turkey
Lunch in the style of a Doner Kebab, but using a wrap instead of pitta bread. Now obviously I don’t have a rotisserie turning round in my front window, so I’ve used meatballs instead of slicing meat off the spit. I folded my wraps into a cone shape, then filled with shredded lettuce, tomato, onion, meatballs and some chilli sauce.

Wrapped kebab

Wrapped kebab

Monday – Germany
I have to submit my blog post on Sunday, so I can only tell you what I plan to serve for Monday lunch. So no photograph sorry, but I’ll update the post after the judging to include a photograph for completeness.
I’m going to serve Bratwurst rolled in a wrap with fried onion and mustard.

Here is the update to show the photographs of Monday’s Bratwurst wrap lunch – 27/10/2013.

Bratwurst, fried onion and mustard, ready to wrap

Bratwurst, fried onion and mustard, ready to wrap

Yummy Bratwurst wraps

Yummy Bratwurst wraps

As it turned out, I could almost have had a go at challenge 4 this week too. A neighbour gave me some runner beans. I passed a house offering a box labelled “free apples – help yourselves”. And we’ve still got some onions and the last few tomatoes in the garden. And if that wasn’t enough of a weird combination, we could have gone on a foraging walk in the wood. We enjoyed quite a few foraging walks last year, but son1 has been too tired this year from his chemotherapy. Mainly blackberries, but also sweet chestnuts and wild damsons were found on our walks.

Take a look at Mission Wraps UK Facebook page to see some of their Lunch Less Ordinary ideas.  And I hope that my post inspires you to take up the challenge too.

I’m looking forward to what next weeks challenges may be.  I’m hoping they will be really exciting for the final week.

And to help the nation liberate its lunch, Mission Deli Wraps have an on pack competition, giving you the chance to have lunch in some of the most exciting places in the world or £10,000 cash.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge. You can find out more at I have been sent some free Mission Deli wraps and have a chance to win some great prizes for taking part.


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