My Dream Family Garden

I’m going fantasy shopping with £750 to buy toys, plants and features for my dream family garden.

This is what our garden looks like currently.  We need to replace the toddler toys with something more interesting.

Our garden

Our garden

I asked son2 to draw his dream play area and he came back with this picture of a climbing frame.

Climbing frame, by son2

Climbing frame, by son2

So I have browsed round the Activity Toys Direct website and chosen this climbing frame and slide set for £412.

TP Toys Challenger Complete Set #2 Climbing Frame

I would also buy the following accessories to go with the climbing frame and slide.
A slide extension for £23.50 and a rope swing for £22.50

TP Toys Green Straight Slide Extension

TP Toys Twizzler 2 Rope Swing Attachment

And then I keep dabbling in trying to grow a few vegetables like tomatoes and courgettes in pots on the patio. But they suffer from pests, the wind, being too wet, so we don’t get much of a crop.

Our vegetable plants before the pests destroyed them

My vegetable plants before the pests destroyed them

This is a real shame and it was made more poignant this year, as son1 planted the seeds on the first day he complained of pains back in April, 3 weeks before he was diagnosed with leukaemia.  I tried as best as I could in brief visits back home from the hospital to keep his plants growing.

son1 planting vegetable seeds

Son1 planting vegetable seeds

So I would love to get a greenhouse and try to get a few decent crops.  A step towards self-sufficiency.  I would buy one like this which costs £224.25

Baroness Greenhouse – Horticultural Glass – Natural Frame

And finally I would love to grow my own fruit. We had apple and plum trees at our old house and I really miss them.  So I’ve chosen an apple tree for £34.99 and a gooseberry bush for £9.99

Cox’s Orange Pippin Self-fertile=’Cox’s Selfing’ Apple – 12 litre

Ribes uva-crispa ‘Hinnonmaki Green’ Gooseberry – 3 litres

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

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