My To-Do List

I’m always making lists about things, otherwise I tend to forget them. Different lists for different types of things or actions. So I have a piece of paper pinned to the fridge for items to buy on the next supermarket trip. And I have a weekly reminder sheet on the kitchen noticeboard for the regular items that the kids need to take to school, like recorder on Monday. I also have a family organiser calendar with a column per person.

And I absolutely love Amazon wishlists. You can include comments and priorities against each item and can even include things from other websites. I have my public list of things I would like myself or know that the kids would like. My sister and I always shop off each others Amazon list. Then I have my private wishlist that I use to record ideas of what I may buy friends and family for Christmas and birthdays.

Then I use spreadsheets to record lists of what gifts I have bought in previous years, as I don’t want to give the same again. I have a similar list for all the birthday parties that my kids get invited too. Plus a Christmas card list, so nobody gets forgotten.

And of course I have a spreadsheet to record lists of competitions I have entered and prizes won. Don’t want to accidently disqualify myself by trying to re-enter a competition. And want to keep track that all prizes I have won do arrive.

Then I have my main to-do list also on a spreadsheet. This includes some things which I never seem to get round to, like the following…
Monthly backup of important files from my laptop. (um I can’t remember when I last did this).
Back up photos online and empty camera memory card.
Go through online address book one-by-one checking and then delete from old pc (as some got corrupted on auto-transfer).
Finish transferring files from old pc. (I’ve had my current laptop for over 2 years now).
Empty packing boxes in spare room. (It is over 4 years since we moved).

Luckily some things are getting ticked off the list, like I took all the school uniform that is too small to the secondhand uniform shop this month.

The item I’m currently struggling with on my to-do list is trying to find something suitable for son1 to wear so that he can participate in football.  He has a portacath implanted in the side of his chest under his arm, so contact sports like rugby are not permitted.  But it would be nice if he could start to join in football again, as he moves into the maintenance phase of his treatment shortly.  We’ve been to general sports shops but they didn’t have anything.  We’ve also tried equestrian body protector but it seemed too bulky and his portacath was right on the edge of it.  So any ideas gratefully appreciated.

And the list also has reminders of which month car and home insurance are due for renewal, so we have time to think about shopping round for comparisons.

And other major items like writing a will and taking out life insurance were actioned several years ago. I can’t take the credit for this though. It is my husband who has always been the proactive one on such important issues.

Life insurance can be a minefield but protecting your family is one of the most heroic things you can do as a parent. This guide and video help to explain more about life insurance, and if it’s not on your to-do list why it should be.

And now I have a new list to set up, as son1 is due to move into the maintenance phase of his chemotherapy next week. I understand that the oral dosage will change on a weekly basis, depending on his blood count, so I’ll definitely need a list to ensure I’m giving him the correct dosage.

This is my entry into the Mumsnet Blogger to-do list competition

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