LEGO house memories

LEGO is one of my boys favourite toys, so we have lots of it.  We also have a LEGO table, complete with reversible building mats and storage bucket.  But I’m still always finding pieces behind the cushions and under the furniture.  They like the Star Wars Lego range best.  And they also enjoy building their own designed models and have entered a few competitions online or in the LEGO club magazine.  No wins, but they did get a couple of consolation keyrings.

Made by son2

Made by son2

I also enjoyed playing with LEGO as a child.  There wasn’t such a huge range then, but still plenty of choice.  My two favourites were my LEGO kitchen and designing working models with my LEGO cogs and gears.  What does that say about me?  My entire LEGO collection fitted in two shoeboxes, but the boys already have way more than that.  And I remember that my sister had a LEGO family who must have been about 12cm tall.  We didn’t have any minifigures, but perhaps it was before they were invented.  We always used to ask our parents if we could go on holiday to the original Legoland in Denmark, but it never happened.

Anyhow moving on to my favourite LEGO memory.  Who watched James May’s Toy Stories TV series about four years ago?  One of the episodes showed the building of a full-sized house, made entirely of LEGO, which James May lived in.  Well we heard about this during the building phase, as they were getting volunteers to help build it and decided to go along for a visit. Son1 was aged about 3 and a half at the time and was already well into Duplo, but we hadn’t bought LEGO yet as son2 was only a baby. We had a lovely walk from the carpark up through the vineyard, and could easily see our destination. Don’t get many buildings as colourful as LEGO.  We didn’t do any building but it was great to see.  It was still being constructed, but when we watched the programme a few months later, it was nice to see all the interior LEGO features too.  Apparently it even had a flushing LEGO loo.  Brought back memories of my toy LEGO kitchen.  I wonder if my parents still have that in their loft?

A much younger son1 outside the Lego house

A much younger son1 outside the Lego house

Such a shame that it got dismantled.  Apparently it was too expensive to move it to Legoland.  Now that’s another thing on our to-do list.  We must take the boys to visit Legoland sometime.

The boys also love playing the LEGO City Undercover game, so I know they will absolutely love the new movie which comes out next year.  And here’s the LEGO Movie trailer to take a peek at.

This post is my entry to the Tots100 LEGO Movie competition.


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