Love Your Appliance

Tots100 have teamed up with PartSelect for their latest competition and are asking bloggers to share their favourite domestic appliance story.  PartSelect is a website that encourages consumers to show their appliances a little love by giving Internet users the know-how to take on repairs themselves with their YouTube instructional videos.

Gosh where do I start.  I definitely love my appliances, but for most you can find a work-around when they do let you down.  Earlier this year, my washing machine broke down at a very inconvenient time, flooding the floor.  It was shortly after son1 had come from the hospital after being diagnosed with leukaemia and I was doing at least a couple of loads each day with washing his bedding every day.  I initially tried to fix it myself and followed the manual instructions to clean the drain filter, which I found was full of poor son1’s hair and a tenpence.  But it then came up with a second warning message, indicating that I had to call the Service Department. Luckily I had an extended warranty on the washing machine, but it was Friday and they couldn’t send anyone out until Tuesday.  With a very ill child, I couldn’t just pop to the launderette.  But one of the lovely school mums who were all doing so much to help our family during those early days of son1’s illness, let me use her washing machine.

And I have mentioned on my blog previously about how I lived for several years without an oven or hobs, relying on my small appliances instead.  There wasn’t room in my flat for an oven, as the three appliance spaces were already occupied by the secondhand appliances that I had been given – fridge, washing machine and in the oven space – my tumble drier.  An oven was non-essential as I ate my main meal in the work canteen each day.  I loved my tumble drier as I had no garden for a washing line and only a couple of storage heaters, so couldn’t dry clothes on radiators either.

I also love my current tumble drier and about a month ago, as the weather got worse, began to think that I might need to replace it.  This was because it seemed to be taking all day to get my washing dried in it, probably costing a fortune in electricity.  However undeterred by the earlier washing machine episode, I decided to try my hand at fixing it myself first.  Again I referred to the manual and found out how to access the condenser.  Oops once I got it opened up, I discovered a sticker on the drier, stating that the condenser should be cleaned about once a month.  I can’t remember how old the drier is but we had it at our old house and we’ve lived here over four years.  Again discovered loads of stuff that had managed to get past the fluff filter, this time the haul also included a cufflink and bits of a train ticket, in addition to lots of hair.  But result, it now works like a dream again.  So I will certainly be regularly cleaning the condenser in future, although not as frequently as monthly.

This appliance gets my seal of approval!

However it is not all problems.  We are loving our latest small appliance which I bought in June at son1’s request.  He wanted paninis, so I bought a 3-in-1 Panini, Sandwich & Waffle Maker. Yummy.  I’ve pinned my favourite waffle recipe on Pinterest. But I haven’t brought myself round to getting rid of my old sandwich toaster, as again it was also a loved appliance.

Son1's photo of Mummy baking waffles

Son1s photo of Mummy baking waffles

This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition.

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