Prehistoric Presents update

Regular readers of my blog will remember the giveaway I ran last month for 4 Prehistoric Presents Dinosaur gift bags.  The lucky winners were Laura H, Naomi C, Vicky C and Sid W.

Salim of Prehistoric Presents was so pleased with the number of new Twitter followers which this generated for his business, that he offered me a free gift from his jewellery range.

I could choose between either the Spiral Goniatite or Orthoceras pendant.  A difficult choice as they both look beautiful in the pictures on the website, but I opted for the Spiral Goniatite. This contains a fossil which is about 300 million years old.  I also got to choose what length thong I would like for it.

When I opened the package, I got an extra surprise. Salim had included two Spiral Goniatites, both quite different to each other, as each fossil is unique.  They were both absolutely gorgeous.  One was on a black leather thong and it was simple to undo the silver clasp and swap them over.

A Spiral Goniatite on a leather thong retails at £16 which is really good value in my opinion. You can choose between a black or natural leather thong.  Alternatively you may buy a Spiral Goniatite on a silver chain.  There is a choice of chain length and prices start at £28 for an 18 inch chain.

Take a look at the other pieces in the jewellery range.  They are stunning and would make lovely Christmas presents or a treat to yourself.  There are also cufflinks for the gents.  Or for something really special, you may have a piece individually designed and crafted by Salim and you can be involved in the design process of your unique piece of jewellery.

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.


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