Decluttering and Storage

I have 15 part-full ugly stacking plastic storage boxes squeezed into gaps in the spare room, so this year’s target is to empty them. I love modern shelfing but haven’t really got the space for any more units, so we need to declutter and better utilise our current storage space.

These boxes need to go

These boxes need to go

Therefore today I was decluttering a cupboard that had a couple of shelves full of bubble wrap, jiffy envelopes, etc that had originally been saved for reuse, for mailing items sold on ebay. However these are now surplus to requirement as since son1’s diagnosis of leukaemia, we have been passing things we no longer need to the local Cancer Research Charity shop and have given up selling on ebay.  It took too much time for peanuts usually.

I also got the kids involved in making space before Christmas for new toys, by sorting out ones that they had finished with, as we already had a cardboard box full of new things from son1’s birthday which hadn’t found room on the shelves yet.  They did very well and we said goodbye to Zingzillas, Bob the Builder, etc.  Some of these were passed on to their younger cousins and the rest sent to charity.

Packed ready for the charity shop

Packed ready for the charity shop

But it was still clear that we had insufficient storage space for the children’s ever-growing possessions.  And some of the current toy storage was starting to fall apart. So Father Christmas kindly brought them each a new storage box along with all the new toys.

A new storage box

A new storage box from Father Christmas

This one isn't going to last much longer

This one isn’t going to last much longer

I would like to get them desks, but we would need to get rid of something big first to make space for desks. So in the meantime, summer duvets have been pushed into the wardrobes, freeing up 2 drawers under the spare bed. The boys now have a drawer each for their stationary bits and pieces.

A drawer each for the boys

A drawer each for the boys

We do have lots of shelves, so next step will be rearranging how things are stored, particularly on the ones allocated to the kids. And I intend to move one shelf up by a few cm in son1’s room, to give adequate book headroom below. Currently his paperbacks are stacked in piles on their sides.

Some reorganising here

Some reorganising needed here

and reorganising here

and reorganising here

Hopefully I will be able to post later in the year that the plastic storage boxes have gone from the house, apart from those that are inside cupboards. I still plan to use them in the garage, which was what we originally purchased them for.

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