My review of Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder

Ozeri is a manufacturer of products for contemporary homes and is an established brand in the USA, presently looking to expand into the UK. Last year I reviewed one of their Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scales and I’m still very pleased with it and have now disposed of my old bathroom scales. So when their distributor Moderna Housewares contacted me again, to see if I would review another Ozeri product, I was happy to help out. I selected the Salt and Pepper Grinder from a choice of 3 Ozeri products to review, as this looked quite neat and my existing salt and pepper mills do not match each other.

So I was very pleased to receive my free Ozeri Salt and Pepper Grinder.  It was well packed and came with an instruction leaflet. It is simple to open to fill and it has a hidden funnel to assist with the filling.  But you do need do be careful with alignment of the funnel when filling. First time I didn’t notice that I had misaligned it and ended up filling both compartments simultaneously with salt. So I had to tip the salt out and start again. It was my fault as the instructions are very clear about the importance of aligning it. But I found it easy to fill second time. Also it can be cleaned, just by wiping with a damp cloth which is good for those of you who like me, grab it when you are halfway through rubbing fat into flour. And it has a clever feature, I’ve never come across before where you can adjust buttons hidden underneath to make the ground salt and pepper either finer or coarser. Then to use, you simply twist the top clockwise for pepper and anti-clockwise for salt.

Filling the grinder

Filling the grinder

You can order this Salt and Pepper Grinder via Amazon.  Currently the price has been reduced from £24.99 to £9.95, with the RRP being £29.99.  Very good value at £9.95 in my opinion, but I don’t think I would have been prepared to pay the original price. Buy for yourself or as a gift.

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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