Moments that Mattered

I came across a blogging competition sponsored by Lloyds Bank on the Moments that Mattered most during 2013. I thought that this was a lovely theme, particularly after the year our family has just experienced. So here is my post, with thanks to those who responded to my question of how to create photo collages. I’ll do a separate post to share my new knowledge. This post would have been far too big if I had posted all these photographs individually.

The year began like any other year, so we photographed Moments that Matter like family trips, school assemblys, our weekends with school bear, Red Nose day and Easter. Then in April son1 started getting a lot of pains.  I can remember exactly what we did the weekend he first got a pain. On the Saturday we had visited my sister and family to see my new niece, (another moment that mattered).  Then on the Sunday we assembled our new trampoline whilst son1 planted vegetable seeds. The following Saturday night, son1 woke in the middle of the night complaining of such bad pains in his ankle that we headed to A&E in the middle of the night as he was in such distress. They did an xray but didn’t find anything wrong. A visit to our doctor the next day didn’t help either. Things continued similarly until 2nd May with pains in different parts of his body. This time the doctor sent us back to A&E, where a blood test revealed the devastating news that son1 had leukaemia.

From then on every moment mattered. I look back at the photos taken during those three weeks between son1 first complaining of pains and the diagnosis. Friends rallied round and were wonderful looking after son2, cooking us meals and bringing gifts for both boys.

So all the following moments really mattered. Getting son1 home from the hospital, getting him mobile again, getting him eating again and getting him smiling.  But the biggest moment that mattered was being told he was in remission.

And more moments that matter. Garden fun. Brotherly love. Having fun whilst returning to hospital every 2 weeks. First proper trip out again. Beads of courage. Celebrating son2’s birthday with pizza. Being overwhelmed by kindness of complete strangers like the WI ladies who handcrafted a wall-hanging for son1.

And yet more moments. son1 being strong enough for a walk. The boys’ designs on a cushion for Daddy. Making a box for Operation Christmas Child. Being well enough for a holiday in October. The importance of teddys. son1’s 8th Birthday party. Little Stars Awards. Making Christmas cookie gifts.

It turns out that several bloggers are running similar competitions, so I have confirmed with a couple of them, that I am permitted to submit my blog post to multiple competitions without contravening the T&Cs. So I am therefore entering this post into the Moments that Mattered competitions at Emma and 3Mummy’s Little MonkeyMiss Lucy LovesAway with the FairiesShe Might Be Loved, and Oh So Amelia.


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