Valentines Gifts In Unusual Places

Now SportsDirect might not be the first shop which comes to mind when you are thinking of where to buy a present for Valentines Day. But are hosting a competition for bloggers to find five Valentines Day gifts for their partner. There is a catch though – each gift must be under £20.

So for my entry I took a look at the categories on SportsDirect to see if anything leapt out at me in terms of Valentines gifts. The only category that fitted my idea of a typical Valentines gift was watches, but I ruled that out, as I wouldn’t want to give a watch that cost less than £20.

So thinking outside the norm, I decided to look at underwear since we ladies like to receive lingerie as a Valentines gift, so why not give undies to the man in my life. Lots of choice, but nothing struck me as sexy, so I opted for a 2-pack of trunks including a red pair. Red is the colour typically associated with Valentines. There was a Looney Tunes pair with a “I’m a lover not a biter” slogan that caught my eye for a joke, but I know he would hate all the cartoon underwear, so ruled that out too.

Having chosen an item of underwear, my thoughts moved onto pyjamas. I’d been surprised to notice this as one of the categories on SportsDirect. I didn’t know that they sold more than just sports clothes. Easy one this time. Obviously the red pair of pyjamas.

Whilst looking at the pyjama category, I saw it also included onesies. My husband expressed an interest in onesies a couple of months, so this is a definite choice for Valentines. I already have a onesie myself, so we’ll be able to snuggle up on the sofa in our onesies together.

So I’ve done underwear, nightwear and onesie. The next category is swimwear and I see 2 red pairs. Swim shorts or speedos. Absolutely no no no to the speedos. I’ve been dropping hints to my husband for several years to ditch brief swimwear. Seriously I’m doing him a big favour to get him swim shorts.

Just one more item to choose and I want it to be a nice piece of clothing. So I’ve opted for a stylish pair of casual chinos, that he’ll be able to wear for Valentines dinner.

Happy Valentines Day

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