Choosing a watch for Valentine’s

And here’s another watch competition. This time The Watch Gallery are running a competition for bloggers to choose a watch for a loved one.

I hadn’t visited this website before and the first thing that struck me was the very large banner about 0% finance options. Obviously going to be some very expensive watches here.  Good job it is only window shopping and shame that the prize isn’t one of their watches. But never mind, I’d still enjoy £50 of restaurant vouchers if I win.

And yes I was correct. The price brackets range from under £750 to over £20,000 and ranking by price reveals the most expensive gents watch appears to be £222,400 although there are a few listed as £POA. Wow.

Well as I’m window shopping, I’ll ignore the price tags and choose the one I think my husband would like best. Especially as he has a bad habit of losing items like wallets and phones, so the same may apply to watches.  He actually hasn’t worn a watch in years, so probably true.

Spoilt for choice but I’m selecting the Ralph Lauren Sporting Watch. This costs £2,150, so about two grand more than I could actually afford to spend, but I can dream can’t I? Sadly it doesn’t tell you much about the product on the website, but I have to say if I was spending that much money, I’d want to buy it at a shop not online.

Ralph Lauren Sporting Watch


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