Choosing a Sports Watch

The Watch Gallery are running a competition for bloggers to choose their favourite luxury sports watch. I previously entered their Valentine’s competition and I actually chose a sporting watch for my husband then. Didn’t win though. So this time I’m going to choose a watch for myself. Looking forward to some window shopping as I remember from last time that there were some watches priced at 6-figure amounts.

On browsing the site, I quickly realised it doesn’t have the functionality for looking for a sports watch for ladies. It does for men, but not for ladies. And since there are over 700 ladies watches on the website, I may have missed one that I like better.

But I’m happy with the one I have chosen which is the Ladies Montblanc Sport Watch with a white rubber strap, which is water resistant to 200m. It has 136 diamonds set in to the rim. I found out a new word today on their website. The watch rim is correctly known as the bezel. And currently this watch is on special offer at £5,050 instead of £10,100, a saving of 50%. I can’t tell you any more about it, since the website says to phone for more information.

Even at half price, it is about £5k more than I can afford to spend, but I do enjoy window shopping fun. And if I win, I could perhaps spend the £100 ASOS voucher prize on a cheaper watch which I could feel safe wearing. I would be too worried about losing a £5k watch.

Ladies Montblanc Sports Watch


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