My review of Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

Ozeri is a manufacturer of products for contemporary homes and is an established brand in the USA, presently looking to expand into the UK. I’m very pleased with both their products that I have previously reviewed, namely the Precision Pro II Digital Bathroom Scales and the Salt and Pepper Grinder. So when their distributor Moderna Housewares contacted me again, to see if I would review another Ozeri product, I was happy to help out. I selected the 30cm Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan from a choice of 2 Ozeri products to review, since my existing large frying pan is nearly the end of its useful life.

So I was very pleased to receive my free Ozeri Frying pan, although it turned out to be the 20cm model, rather than the 30cm one that I was expecting.  It was well packed and came with an instruction leaflet. My first thought on getting it out of the box, was that it looked sturdy.

On reading the box and leaflet, I discovered that it is one of the first non-stick frying pans to be free of harmful heavy metals and chemicals. This is due to its GREBLON ceramic coating which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. I had never realised that previously when cooking at high temperatures that toxic fumes were probably being released into the environment. Not a nice thought to dwell on, as I imagine some of that went straight into the food being cooked and then eaten by my family.

I followed the instructions to season the pan with a tiny amount of oil and then decided to test it out by frying an egg. I used a lower heat as per the instructions, as it advised due to the Green Earth Pan being a better conductor of heat than traditional pans, that high heat could cause food to burn. I was pleased to see that the pan sat well-balanced on the hob, as I tend not to use my existing 20cm frying pan very often, because that has a dangerous tendency to unbalance and tip. The egg cooked perfectly and glided out of the pan onto the toast. Full marks to the non-stick surface. And the pan was easy to clean in hot soapy water with a soft cloth.

It also advised that high heat can accelerate the gradual decline of the pan’s non-stick properties. And the pan is oven safe to 180 deg C. Hand washing is preferred rather than dishwasher. I cook on gas, but it said that it is induction stove safe.

I can hear you asking why is the surface textured rather than smooth? The box claims that an elevated texture creates air pockets which distribute heat underneath food to enhance cooking. And that a patterned surface helps prevent food bonding for superior non-stick performance and easy cleaning.

You can order this Frying Pan via Amazon.  Currently the price has been reduced from £39.95 to £24.95.  I only know one other high quality pan brand and that is much more expensive, so this is very good value in comparison in my opinion. Buy for yourself or as a gift.

It comes in a range of sizes, namely 20cm, 26cm or 30cm and there are also similar designs with a smooth non-stick surface rather than textured. I don’t believe it comes in any colours other than green. I will have to investigate further to see if they also make saucepans, as after finding out about the heavy metals and chemicals, I would prefer to replace all my pans in the near future.

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “My review of Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

  1. Colette B

    Well I never knew about the whole textured surface thing! That’s really interesting! We’re in the market for a new non stick pan atm so I’ll get OH to read this review!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


  2. Kim Carberry

    That looks really good…..We seem to go through loads of frying pans….Too many bacon & egg sandwiches I think. lol



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