TV Moments

Tots100 have challenged bloggers to tell what sort of TV Viewer they are – and what their perfect TV moment looks like.

To start the ball rolling, I took the TV Tribes Quiz created by TalkTalk, which revealed that I am an Elitist when it comes to TV viewing. This is what it says about an Elitist TV viewer…

I don’t watch TV for the sake of it, and never just have the television on in the background, but I love documentaries and learning new things by watching TV. I only watch an hour or two of television a day and can’t stand reality TV and soaps. I like using catch up to record my programmes so I don’t need to watch the rest. I would not describe myself as a television watcher, even though I do get something out of watching TV.

Well some of this is correct but I’m not particularly interested in documentaries and I’m not even sure that we have “catch up” functionality apart from iPlayer.

12% of people belong to the Elitist TV Tribe. Why don’t you try out the TV Tribes Quiz too? There are eight TV tribes ranging ‘Family Guys’ who enjoy nothing more than bringing the family together to watch their favourite programmes to ‘Secret Viewers’ who tell everyone they watch the likes of Newsnight but secretly revel in trash TV.

However at home I’m usually in bottom place to choose what to watch. The only time I usually get hold of the remote control is if I pop some daytime TV on whilst ironing. In the evenings I sit on my laptop whilst my husband flicks through tv channels. Or sometimes he might catch up with something on iPlayer. So if I do particularly want to see something, I make sure I ask in advance.

But luckily I’m happy with my family’s tv choices. So our favourite family TV moment is to all share the settee and watch a Star Wars film. If it is winter, we will also snuggle under a duvet. I usually make some popcorn first.  The boys love listening to it popping.

The boys are Star Wars mad. All their role play revolves around Star Wars. They love drawing Star Wars scenes and playing Star Wars Angry Birds apps on their Ipods. So they are very happy to watch a Star Wars movie. They also have Star Wars cartoons dvds as well as the films.

This is my entry to the Tots100 TV Moments blogging competition.


2 thoughts on “TV Moments

  1. Cteavin

    They pegged me as an Elitist because I marked documentaries and don’t watch often, but not even. I love my soapy teen dramas like Vampire Diaries and Supernatural just as much as Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.
    Neat, I’m posting it on Facebook for my friends.



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