Mecca’s Mother’s Day Memories

I came across a blogging competition sponsored by Mecca Bingo via Michaela. Mecca Bingo have challenged bloggers to create a collage of family memories. This can be from past Mother’s Days, memories, days out with the family or special days to you. Anything you like.

This sounded like fun and I have loads of photos of our family memories, but I’m almost always behind the camera. Being a mum is important to me, just as my mum is special to me too. So in the end I’ve decided to just feature four special memories in my collage.

The first photo is of my eldest son as a baby and me. This was taken on my first Mother’s Day as a new mum, complete with my Mother’s Day flowers on the mantelpiece and balloon.

The middle photo was taken on holiday in Spain in 2011, also of my eldest son and me. This was the last time we went somewhere hot on holiday. My husband was out of work for over a year after that, so we couldn’t afford an expensive holiday, but we did have some enjoyable house swaps in the UK in 2012. And then my son was diagnosed with leukaemia in May last year. He isn’t allowed to fly until after his chemotherapy treatment finishes in 2016, so hot foreign holidays are just a memory at present.

The bottom photo was taken when my son was well enough to come home from hospital. It is a treasured memory as it is the first time he was well enough to have some fun on our trampoline, which we had only assembled on the day he first started complaining of pains, 3 weeks before his diagnosis. He wasn’t mobile enough to try jumping, as he had to be carried onto the trampoline, but he is now happily bouncing around again.

And the big photo is a memory that I am a very proud mummy of. My son with his Little Star Award and certificate last December. Plus a certificate for his younger brother, who was also impacted by his brother’s illness, missing his mummy, being looked after by friends and family whilst we were at the hospital. Little Star Awards are to celebrate the courage of children in the UK who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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