My review of Mr Nutcase phone case

Well a good few years behind lots of you, I finally got myself an iPhone last week. It is also nearly a year and a half after both my kids got an iPod touch. So I’m just starting to learn its functionality and how to use it. Like working out how to copy my contacts and calendar from my old Nokia phone. And I’ve now managed to get my blog linked to Instagram.

So it is great timing that I have been offered an opportunity to design a personalised phone case for free from Mr Nutcase.

Their website is simple to navigate. First you select your brand and device, to ensure you get a case that fits. Then you select the style of case. I opted for the executive flip leather style which retails at £19.95 with no additional cost for P&P. You then choose your preferred layout for which they had 19 choices for me to select from with space for upto 26 images. I chose one with a single image and uploaded one of my favourite recent photographs of my boys on our Easter holiday at Margate.

Sunset from our Margate hotel balcony

Sunset from our Margate hotel balcony

The website reminds you to ensure you choose images which fit the spaces on the layout. I initially found that my thumbnail version of my photograph would have that problem, only filling about half the layout. So instead I uploaded the large original version of my photograph, rotated it and moved it around to get most of what I wanted displayed. I would have liked to have shrunk it slightly, but the increase and decrease buttons didn’t seem to do anything. I don’t know if that was a Mac glitch, as I do sometimes get website issues on my Mac. There were also options to add text, clipart and change the background colour. The last of these wasn’t applicable for me, having chosen a layout with no background. And I didn’t wish to add text or clipart, but I did notice that there was a choice of 16 clipart designs.

You then preview your personalised case design and if required, you can go back and make changes. Otherwise proceed to checkout, at which point you are also offered a free screen protector, just for liking their facebook page. They say they dispatch the next day, but I ordered on Friday evening and didn’t receive a dispatch notification until Tuesday afternoon. However it did then arrive within 24 hours and the Monday was a Bank Holiday.

Or if you don’t want a personalised case, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. And they also do tablet cases as well as phone cases. So take a look at

Here are photos of my custom made case, which I am really pleased with. It was simple to fit on my iPhone. The reverse is plain white. As previously mentioned it retails for £19.95 but alternatively I could have chosen an ultra lightweight slimline case for £14.95. Having never bought a phone case, I can’t compare these prices, but they sound good value to me, especially as the case helps to protect the phone.

Personalised Mr Nutcase phone case

Personalised Mr Nutcase phone case

Personalised phone case from Mr Nutcase

Personalised phone case from Mr Nutcase

Once son1 saw my case, he now wants one for his iPod! Although he does have a Fab lolly case that I won, which he never uses. Admittedly his is slightly wrong size, since it is really for an iPhone not an iPod, so he had to take it off whenever he needed to charge.

And I have an offer to pass on to my readers – 10% off a case from Mr Nutcase with discount code: “Thanku10”

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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