A Shelfie in my Great British Home

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I took the Great British Home Quiz back in April and that I was most surprised, when my homestyle answers suggested that I was Mrs Glamorous. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well Tots100 have challenged me to take the quiz again and also to share a Shelfie on my blog.

Great British Home Quiz

A Shelfie I hear some of you ask? What is a Shelfie? Is it a typo? Did I mean to write Selfie? No, a Shelfie is a photo of a shelf, in your home, shared on social media.

So I duly took the quiz again, recognising the same questions as last time. So I wasn’t quite so surprised when for the second time, it suggested I was Mrs Glamorous, although it still makes me laugh.

And now for my Shelfie, or should I say 3. I have a china cabinet with 3 display shelves which holds a lot of precious items to hopefully keep them safe from my kids, although unfortunately a Poole pottery salt pot did get broken, so I now have a lonely salt pot. I was inspired to collect Poole pottery by my grandma who had some lovely pieces. I have wonderful memories of my grandma and now the boys are able to understand about fragile items, I may soon get her Poole pottery out of storage and find some Shelfies to display it. Meanwhile there are other treasured bits and pieces in my cabinet like my “Pecheuse des moules” terracotta statue by Eugene Blot and my husband’s Sylvac rabbits.

Poole pottery shelfie

Eugene Blot and Sylvac Rabbits shelfie

And you can see my previous #GreatBritishHomeQuiz Challenge blog post here.

So why don’t you take the Great British Home Quiz and see what it says about your Celebrity home style? You also have a chance to win £250.

4 thoughts on “A Shelfie in my Great British Home

  1. debsrandomwritings

    I would never take a good selfie, so maybe joining the ranks of the shelfie posters is the way to go! We have enough of them, my husband used to be a shelfaholic until I put my foot down and stopped him. It really was a mad few years!

    Your collection of Poole china looks very delicate indeed and will probably last a lot longer safely stored in the glass cabinet.



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