Children’s True Colours

Hillarys Blinds have challenged bloggers to capture the importance of colour in the eyes of a child.

I just have to ask son2 his favourite colour and he says blue. But if I had asked him that question a year ago, he would have said yellow. He has now reached that age of being stereo-typed where boys like blue best and hate pink because he says that’s a girl’s colour.

And colour also influences his food choices. He loves orange pepper, but refuses to eat any other colour pepper, although he used to happily eat all peppers except green. In fact he liked yellow pepper best when yellow was his favourite colour. And he won’t eat tomatoes either, unless I buy a yellow or orange variety. Same with the tomatoes we are growing, if I pick them before they are fully ripened, he will eat them, but as soon as they are red, he won’t.

Meanwhile son1 is more aware of all the different shades of colours, and his favourite colour is turquoise.

And I can see the importance of colours to them both in the pictures they colour or draw. Son2 hasn’t seen The Smurfs so has no concept of them being blue and has coloured this picture to his own colour palette.


coloured by son2

And both my sons can have a different colour interpretation to me. For instance I consider my hair to be dark brown, but they both say it is black.

Disclosure. This is my entry to the Hillarys Blinds Children’s True Colours Competition.

5 thoughts on “Children’s True Colours

  1. mami2five

    Colour is such a subjective thing. I’m forever arguing with my older kids that their school uniform is turquoise when they insist on calling it blue! My seven year old is colourblind so colour doesn’t really hold much interest for him at all. Sadly this does mean his dress sense seems a little bizarre at times! #WeekendBlogHop


    1. mumjd Post author

      yes it is subjective. I wore a new navy and white striped top yesterday, and my boys called me a zebra insisting it was black stripes



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