Draw With Me – Design a Plate

Last year I found a nice kids drawing competition on “This Mummy Loves” blog which my boys enjoy taking part in regularly. It is a monthly competition and this month the theme is a little different from usual. The children have been asked to design a plate. Son1 was planning to do a lego Chima design, but never got round to it in time.

Son2 decided to do some of his favourite characters from Thomas the Tank Engine on his plate. And although I carefully explained to him that he shouldn’t draw too close to the edge of the circle, my words fell on deaf ears, and he even went beyond the edge.

He has told me that he has drawn Thomas, Toby, James, Edward, Percy, Henry and Gordon on the railway, including their engine numbers. Cranky the crane at the side. Jeremy the plane and Harold the helicopter at the top. But he says he can’t remember the name of the boat that he has drawn at the bottom. I don’t either, but I see he has numbered it 17. So can anyone help us out with a reminder of the name of boat 17 from Thomas the Tank Engine please?

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6 thoughts on “Draw With Me – Design a Plate

  1. ilovemummymost

    Is it Captain or there is another one I think but I can’t remember! Brilliant drawings..recognised all of them first time. Obviously I am a massive Thomas fan. Who’s his favourite?x



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