My Dream Bathroom

This is the third time in only a few weeks that I have been challenged to take the Great British Home Quiz. Previously by Britmums and Tots100. Now by Mumsnet who this time also want me to blog about my dream bathroom.

So action, camera, Take 3 on the quiz. Same questions. And lo and behold, I’m again Mrs Glamorous, which I still find funny, as it is so far from the real me. But I do like the photo of the bathroom that the quiz has selected for me.

Bathroom selected for me in the quiz

Bathroom selected for me in the quiz

Now onto my dream bathroom. I already have a really good-sized bathroom with a large shower. But I do have a few little complaints. Sink plugs where the lifting mechanism doesn’t work, so the choice is either break a nail trying to prise it out manually or just wash under a running tap, wasting water into the bargain. Also I think we may need a few washers replacing, as we have some dripping taps. And worst bugbear of all – having to call out a plumber because of a blocked loo. In my dream bathroom, there would never ever be any blockages.

My bathroom

My current bathroom

And why can’t bathrooms come with all the matching accessories included. I spent ages trying to find the right soap dish. I wanted a rectangular or oval white free-standing ceramic draining soap dish, as too often I found another family member had left the soap in a dish half full of water, so the bar of soap went all soft and soggy. In the end, not being able to find exactly what I wanted, I settled for what I thought was second best. A white circular stainless steel dish that I found on Amazon for about £11. But it turned out to be rubbish. Within a few months, the white paint was flaking off and sticking to the soap. So I’m still searching for that elusive soap dish for my bathroom. Do let me know, if you’ve seen it for sale somewhere.

Don't buy this style of soap dish

Don’t buy this style of soap dish

Even though I have a big bathroom, I still dream of it being bigger, as I would love to have a large circular jacuzzi. Jets of water massaging away the aches and pains. It would be bliss, just soaking all my cares and troubles away.

Great British Home Quiz


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So why don’t you take the Great British Home Quiz and see what it says about your Celebrity home style? You also have a chance to win £250.

6 thoughts on “My Dream Bathroom

      1. mumjd Post author

        LOL. I’ve been in some bathrooms like that, where you have to try and squeeze into non-existant space in order to shut the door


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