A little adventure with Barny

Mumsnet have challenged bloggers to have a little adventure with Barny bear. I received two free packets of Barny sponge bears to review whilst out on an adventure, one pack of strawberry and one of chocolate flavour.

Barny sponge bears

On Sunday, we took the football, cricket bat and ball and went for a fun adventure at one of the nearby recreation grounds. I packed 2 strawberry and 2 chocolate Barny sponge bears along with some drink in our new Belo & Me cooler bag. I will also be posting a review of the cooler bag within the next few days.


The boys had great fun and were soon ready for a snack. I offered them the choice of the flavours and they both opted for chocolate Barny, so us adults tried the strawberry Barny. None of us had tasted Barny sponge bears previously and we all agreed they were delicious.

They come in packs of five 30g individually wrapped bears and are available in all major supermarkets. The current RRP is £1.69 so about 34p each, which sounds in line with other sweet snacks. They contain no artificial colours or preservatives. There are two other flavours, apple and milk. And there are fun activities for kids on the reverse of the packet. I will certainly be buying this product in the future.

After our snack, the adventure continued in the play area next to the recreation ground.


This is the third time that I’ve posted about a Little Adventure, but the first time I’ve been selected to review Barny sponge bears. You may like to read about our Paper Boats Adventure or our Adventure Challenging the Floods.

Disclosure. This post is a review of products I was sent for free. All opinions are my own.

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