Outfit of the Day

The Watch Hut are one of the sponsors for the 2014 MAD Blog Awards. And they are running a competition for bloggers to write an ‘Outfit of the Day’ post including a watch from The Watch Hut website.

The Watch Hut is the UK’s largest online retailer of watches, offering a wide selection of timepieces. I have had a look around it previously for a couple of other blog posts, namely a Valentine’s Day Blogging Assignment and Win with The Watch Hut.

So here’s my outfit of the day. When I’m not in work clothes, I wear jeans most of the time, so I need to feel comfortable in them. My favourite style are high waisted ones, as they are more flattering to my figure. I’ve teamed these with a striped Breton knitted top. To finish off my look, I’ve chosen a pair of trainers, as I’m not happy if my feet are uncomfortable, since they blister very easily. And I don’t go anywhere without a bag, so I’ve chosen this black flap over shoulder bag for all my clutter.

Outfit of the day

Then I decided to choose the Marc by Marc Jacobs Ladies Pelly Black Rubber Strap Watch. The black leather strap will compliment my outfit of the day. This watch is currently retailing at £131.

This post is my entry into the The Watch Hut competition.

5 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

  1. MyLifeAsAMummy (@MyLifeAsAMummyx)

    I love this outfit and is basically what I wear! I love wearing jeans. Will only get Jane Norman Jeans though as they are the only style that suit my shape. They sit on my C Section scar though so can’t wear them for long! Love the trainers. Will be looking out for them!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x


    1. mumjd Post author

      I know what you mean about when you find a favourite pair of jeans. I keep buying the same style from Next over and over again



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