An Alphabetti view on Children’s Books Week

Tots100 have teamed up with Heinz and challenged bloggers to recreate a quote from your favourite children’s book using Heinz Alphabetti for Children’s Book Week.

This sounded a great way of making meal time fun. So I made sure to buy a tin of Heinz Alphabetti on my weekly shop and then asked son2 to choose a line from one of his favourite books. He initially wanted to do something from his Angry Birds book but I persuaded him to choose something more mainstream. He then selected the quote “The turnip got bigger and bigger” from the traditional Russian fairy tale The Enormous Turnip, (original author unknown).

I tipped the Alphabetti out of the tin and spread it out over a chopping board for him to then search for the letters he needed. I kept my fingers crossed that he would find 5 G’s, but we were fine. The only problem came afterwards when he didn’t want to eat a proper portion. He only wanted to eat the quote.

The Enormous Turnip

The turnip got bigger and bigger

The Enormous Turnip

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Heinz competition to support Children’s Book Week.

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