Center Parcs July Challenge: Ice Lollies

Tots100 and Center Parcs have challenged bloggers to make ice lollies this month.  See this webpage for more details, where Center Parcs ice lolly enthusiast, Deb Rogerson, has shared her tips on how you could make your lollies. I was most inspired by Deb’s first tip which says Want to experiment with different flavours? Mix Greek yoghurt with a squeeze of honey, then just add your own additional flavouring. How about adding some crushed blackberries or blending banana in with the yoghurt? Transfer your mix to ice lolly moulds and set in the freezer.

Homemade ice lollies

Ice lollies are just what is needed during this heatwave and the boys were keen to help out making some. I already had some lolly moulds but I don’t think I’d used them since the boys were babies, as it is so convenient to just buy lollies at the supermarket. But I used to make healthy  sugar-free lollies from fruit puree when they were teething.

Both boys decided they wanted to make strawberries lollies, so we added water to dried strawberries, in the ratio 9 parts water to one part strawberries. Once the strawberries had softened, we spooned it into the moulds, closed them and put them in the freezer.

Meanwhile I also made up jugs of lemon and orange squash and poured these into the other moulds, so that we had a choice of 3 flavours. We left them in the freezer overnight to set.

Then the next day we enjoyed our lollies. The boys gave their strawberry lollies a big thumbs up. I tried a lemon one and it was lovely and refreshing. Once we’ve finished the others, I plan to make some more, as it is so quick and simple and also very budget-friendly. Next time, I’ll try making some yoghurt lollies.

homemade ice lollies

The boys enjoying strawberry lollies that they made

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 July challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Longleat Forest.

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