An active family

Mark Warner are challenging bloggers to share how their family keeps active together. This challenge is in association with GoApe.

We haven’t been able to do many active things as son1 gets tired very easily due to his leukaemia. But in May we decided to test his strength and stamina with a walk across the common. The distance was about 2 and a half miles either way, so 5 miles in total, with a pub lunch enroute. It was rather a wet day and the boys wanted to go home before we even got to the end of our road. But with some cajoling, we carried on and they were happy by the time we reached the common. We were pretty slow, so it took us about an hour and a half each way. And although son1 did flag, we were so proud of him for achieving it, only a year after his diagnosis at which time he needed a wheelchair.

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