Guest post by #MorrisonsOnline Grandma

I have previously blogged about shopping in store at Morrisons here. Now Morrisons are extending their online delivery service across more areas of the country and offered me £80 of their vouchers to spend on online delivery to blog about. However as I don’t reside within the new delivery area, I passed the opportunity onto my mum. Below is what she has to say about her experience with Morrisons delivery service.

I was pleased to take part in Morrisons new delivery service as I do some shopping there since they opened a store about 5 miles away. This journey is quite easy by public transport from my home area, but the great difficulty is the many stairs there are to negotiate at the station if I have purchased heavy items. I use public transport as I can no longer see well enough to drive.

It was easy to sign up for Morrisons online shopping and the ordering process was straight forward except that when I checked my basket I found the order for some items had mysteriously doubled. I was able to find all the products I wanted except for pak choi – pork chop was suggested. It was not so easy to find items in the shopping basket when I wanted to change something as most items began with the word Morrisons. When I chose a delivery slot one item was not available on that date.

Morrisons delivery

My order was delivered on time by a friendly driver. I received an email afterwards from Morrisons asking me to rate the driver. I gave him 5 out of 6 as he had not told me about a substitution for one item, which had been replaced by a more expensive item and, unlike my first online order at Tesco, I had been charged the dearer price. All the products were packed in colour coded bags – yellow for freezer, red for fridge and purple for cupboard. The driver explained that he would collect the bags for recycling on our next delivery.

I enjoyed making my order having planned the meal I was going to prepare for 4 family members. I decided to use lamb as this is my daughter’s favourite meat. So the menu was as follows –

Starter – a grapefruit candle

Main course – Lamb cutlets served with baked potatoes, roast aubergine and celery, home grown french beans and mange tout peas, individual Yorkshire puddings, gravy and mint sauce.

Dessert – Pineapple crumble with ice cream.

The meal was very successful for the family except for one of the potatoes which had an area of black inside. While preparing the meal I was disappointed to find that one of the aubergines was bruised at one end, depite being wrapped in a protective sock, so this had to be cut off. The quality and freshness of the rest of the products was good.

The cost of the meal was as follows –
Grapefruit 70p
Lamb £3.96
Potatoes 66p
Aubergines £1.18
Celery 69p
Flour, egg and milk for Yorkshires 50p
Mint sauce 20p
Crumble mix 70p
Ice cream 85p
Tin of pineapple (for grapefruit candles and crumble) 60p
TOTAL £10.04

Maybe I need to explain the grapefruit candles. Cut the fruits into half. Place a cocktail stick in the centre of each half. Place cubes of pineapple up each stick and top with half a cherry. Morrisons grapefruit were sweet enough without adding any sugar.

morrisons delivery

It is not possible to make a complete comment on the quality of service. Ordering online means that you cannot speak to the fishmonger about the filleting of fish or to the butcher about the cut of meat and there are no options in the ordering process to specify any requirements. As I had previously bought fish on the advice of the fishmonger in the store, I was able to place my order for salmon with confidence from the description and picture given on the order sheet and I received what I expected.

Family Fever

Disclosure.  Morrisons Grandma received £80 of Morrisons vouchers for free.  All opinions are her own.

4 thoughts on “Guest post by #MorrisonsOnline Grandma

  1. familyfever

    I can’t wait for Morrisons to start delivering near me! I really like the colour coded bags, and that they will collect them for recycling too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested



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