Veggie sausage fried rice wrap cones

Cauldron is a sponsor at this year’s British Street Food Awards. They are challenging bloggers in conjunction with Foodies100 to submit their favourite street food recipe using a Cauldron product of their choice. They sent me a voucher to take part.

Cauldron voucher

I used to follow a vegetarian diet and during this period I regularly bought Cauldron smoked tofu. However as the boys haven’t been introduced to tofu, I didn’t think this was the time to see if they might like it. So instead I used the voucher to purchase Cauldron Lincolnshire vegetarian sausages. These are widely available at most major supermarkets.

Cauldron sausages

I wanted to do something more inspiring than serving my sausages with onions in hot dog rolls. So for my street food, I cooked the sausages with fried rice and then served it in wraps folded in a cone shape. I also did a variant for son2 serving his sausages with noodles and broccoli, as he has recently decided he doesn’t like rice.

wrap cone

Veggie sausage fried rice wrap cones

Ingredients (serves 2 adults and 2 children)

4 wraps
1 packet of 6 Cauldron Lincolnshire vegetarian sausages
280g long grain rice (80g per adult and 60g per child)
1 pint stock (made from 1 vegetarian stock cube and boiling water)
100g Chinese leaf
2 cloves of garlic
salt and pepper
1 tbsp olive oil
Barbecue sauce


Tear the Chinese leaf into pieces.
Peel and push garlic through garlic press.
Cut the sausages into short pieces.
Fold the wraps into quarters, then shape into a cone.
Balance the wraps in mugs.
Add the olive oil to a wok and heat.
Add the garlic.
Add the rice and cook for a few minutes to coat with oil.
Gradually add the stock a few tablespoons at a time, stirring occasionally until absorbed.
After the first few tablespoons of stock, add the sausages.
Add the Chinese leaf when the rice is al dente, (after approx 20 mins).
Season with salt and pepper.
Allow the rice to soften to your preferred taste and ensure some of it goes crispy.
Spoon into the wraps.
Serve with barbecue sauce or your preferred relish and enjoy.

wrap cones

We enjoyed eating our street food in the garden. The boys gave it the thumbs up.

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Disclosure.  This post mentions a product I purchased using a voucher I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.


14 thoughts on “Veggie sausage fried rice wrap cones

  1. Kim Styles

    These look really yummy- We have two veggies in our family and its great to find new delicious recipes to try – thank you


  2. Rosie

    oh oh I’m suddenly very hungry and want this, and where am I going to buy it. Nowhere! It is a good recipe to make, it has everything I love and then some. I just wish I could have it right now!!!


  3. Emily @amummytoo

    Mmmm, definitely my kind of lunch. Fun too! My kids will love this. Thanks for linking up to #recipeoftheweek – sorry I’m a bit late over! Have Pinned this post and scheduled in a tweet. New linky live at 6 🙂 x



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