Get Your Skills On Challenges

Tots100 have teamed up with Robinsons Fruit Shoot and challenged bloggers to try 10 new skills with your kids over four weeks, including at least two new activities from each week’s list.

So from week 1 both boys chose to walk for 15 seconds balancing a bean bag on their heads. Son1 even did it backwards.

And Dad was great at doing a head stand. Son2 tried but couldn’t manage it.

head stand

Then for week 2, both boys wanted to hop, jump or run around the garden like their favourite animal. Son1 was a dinosaur and son2 was a penguin.

They also had great fun making a brilliant den in the garden, using rugs and chairs.


And son1 tried throwing a flip flop as far as he could.

And from the list for week 3, son2 made his own musical shaker. And then had fun playing it.

Whilst son1 tried swinging as high as he could. He is not particularly keen on the motion of swinging, but he gave it his best try.

And of course, they chose to build a sandcastle on holiday.

building a sandcastle

For week 4, son1 dribbled a football around the obstacle course at a play area.

And the boys did a three-legged race together very well without falling over.

On our trip to the museum at Kings Lynn, both boys tried out an old fashioned version of skittles. Here is a photo of son 2 giving it a go. He knocked down lost of the pins.


I also taught son1 how to skim a stone. The stones mostly plummeted to the bottom, but he had one successful skim, however I wasn’t ready with the camera to capture the moment. So we completed a total of 12 of the challenges.

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Robinsons Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills On competition.

2 thoughts on “Get Your Skills On Challenges

  1. debsrandomwritings

    These are all great basic activities for children to do. Building a den has to be the most fun, I remember draping blankets over the furniture as a child to make hidey holes and dens.

    The balancing, throwing and dribbling are all fun to have a go at and are simple enough to achieve, helping to boost a child’s self esteem.

    Popped over from #WeekendBlogHop.



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