Flowerbeds in Boats

Whilst on holiday in Norfolk, I came across a trend of using old boats as flowerbeds. I was quite taken with this idea. An attractive way of upcycling boats that were no longer sea-worthy. I didn’t get photos of many as mostly they were seen on roundabouts from the car, but here are a couple. The canoe was on the road we were staying at and the sailing boat was outside a nearby caravan site.

upcycled canoe

upcycled sailing boat

When I was a child, there was a sailing boat hidden under a tarpaulin for years in our back garden. My dad had used to sail it many years ago, but I don’t recall it ever being used whilst I was growing up. Eventually it got scrapped due to mice having eaten it. But wouldn’t it have been nice to upcycle into a flowerbed?

There must be a thing for me about boats and flowers. I’ve always admired the roof-top gardens of the barges when strolling alongside canals.

I’d love to hear what unusual items you’ve seen upcycled into flowerbeds or planters?

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16 thoughts on “Flowerbeds in Boats

  1. Manneskjur

    There’s a house down the road form us that has a boat planted up and it always looks so pretty! I’ve seen a few planted up baths and toilets in my time too!
    I need to get a bit more creative with my planting I think! Thanks for joining in 🙂



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