Norfolk Lavender

On our recent holiday to Norfolk, we visited Norfolk Lavender in Heacham. I love lavender but I was amazed to discover that there are over 100 different varieties of lavender. It was glorious wandering around the lavender, herbs and gardens. Unfortunately I missed the guided tour of how the lavender distillery operates. The boys had fun too at Farmer Fred’s Play Barn which was on the same site.

norfolk lavender

norfolk lavender

Norfolk lavender

I tried a lavender ice-cream there and bought a lavender cake and other tasty goodies from the farm shop to take home. I also bought some lavender syrup for my mum from the gift shop.

Lady's Mantle

It was really interesting to read about each herb. I loved the fact about Lady’s Mantle that in the 18th century, women applied the leaves to their breasts to make them recover their shape after breast feeding.

I’d love to hear any other unusual herb facts.

lavender distillery

The lavender distillery

Norfolk lavender

A couple of unusual items for sale

Norfolk lavender

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10 thoughts on “Norfolk Lavender

  1. Manneskjur

    Wow I’ve been to a few lavender farms this year but never seen a lavender distillery. I bet lavender ice cream was good, our local lavender place sells lavender rice pudding but I’ve yet to try it. Did you sleep well the night of the day you visited? I always seem to sleep like a baby after going to lavender places!!!
    Thanks for joining in and sharing x


    1. mumjd Post author

      Lavender rice pud sounds worth a try. We also had lavender in the garden of the cottage where we were staying and some in a vase in the kitchen, so I didn’t particularly notice any difference in sleep patterns



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