Rainbow Braid Loom Band Review

I received a free huge pack of loom bands from Rainbow Braid to review. The packaging says 5,400 pieces. Son1 has recently got into looming, having seen some of his friends doing it. But he didn’t have a loom, so he followed an idea on YouTube using two forks. However with this many loom bands now, I decided that I had better buy him a loom.

Loom Bands
This Rainbow Braid pack is currently on sale at £14.90 on Amazon, reduced from £37.90 with free postage in the UK. Great value in my opinion for so many loom bands. 18 colours in a mixture of solids, glow in the dark and glitters. 300 of each colour. And the pack also includes 250 s-clips. It is sold with a 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. The bands are good quality as none have snapped yet. Also it was really fast delivery, arriving within 2 days. This isn’t mentioned on the packaging, but on Amazon it states that they are independently lab tested and shown to contain no lead or phthalates. Very pleased to hear that as I’m always nagging son1 to take toys and things like this out of his mouth.

So the loom I bought for son1 has 2 outer rows of 11 pegs and the middle row has 10 pegs. I subsequently realised when watching the YouTube instructions for the bracelet that son1 was attempting to make, that it was referring to a loom with 3 rows of 13 pegs. I hadn’t realised that looms came in different sizes, so a classic Mummy fail that didn’t help son1 with his looming project. But I helped him adapt the instructions and after only 2 failed attempts he successfully completed his loom band bracelet.

making a loom band bracelet

I’m hoping that son1 will spare some of the bands for me to make a bracelet. I want to compare the process with the Friendship Bracelets that I make from embroidery threads.

One other point to mention, when I took the bag of bands into a dark room we couldn’t see anything, so not sure how the Glow in The Dark ones work. Perhaps they need body heat? If you know, then leave me a comment. And I’d love to hear what loom band projects you’ve made.

I also read about the Loom to The Moon challenge on Kim’s Northumberland Mam blog, where brave Skye Hall who was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year, wanted to set a world record for the longest loom band, long enough to reach the moon. You may read the full story here. When I told son1 who is undergoing chemotherapy himself about the challenge, he was very keen to participate. So his next looming project is to make a long chain.

Sadly Skye died just over a week ago, but everyone can still donate to Blue Skye Thinking and send their loom chains to Skye’s brother Jesse.

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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