Draw With Me – Favourite Pastimes

My boys are very pleased to see that Draw With Me is back on “This Mummy Loves” blog after a summer break. Draw With Me is a monthly competition for children and this month the theme is favourite pastimes.

When the boys looked at Boo’s drawing of Minecraft, they initially both wanted to draw Minecraft too, as that is also a favourite hobby of theirs, but I suggested they do something different for variety.

So they opted for drawings related to some of their favourite reads. They both love reading and you can see their latest vlog here, plus a book giveaway which is closing later this week.

Son1 loves reading his Beast Quest books and has done a drawing of some of the beasts.

beast quest

And both boys love reading the Beano comic. We have a huge box of old Beano comics from about 30 years ago. So son2 has done a drawing of some of his favourite characters. There is Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, Lord Snooty, Ivy the Terrible and Minnie the Minx.


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10 thoughts on “Draw With Me – Favourite Pastimes

  1. rebeccabeesley

    Oh my goodness – my 2 boys are into both Beast Quest and Dennis the menace too so this really made me smile. Their drawings are truly fabulous! Well done. I especially love Sepron from the top pic and Gnasher from the second pic. xxx


  2. shannonagains

    Oh, this is a great idea for a linky! I’ll have to keep it in mind for when Pumpkin is older. The pictures your boys drew are great too. I don’t know any of the characters other than a passing knowledge of the Beano characters (having not grown up in the UK), but they’re still fun to look at! Also, I must look up Lord Snooty, because that is an amazing name. 🙂



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