Those little #MorningWin moments

I’m participating in the Britmums belVita #MorningWin Challenge.  This Challenge is in partnership with belVita Breakfast biscuits, which I received three packets free to try. I also received a surprise Costa giftcard, so I can buy a nice coffee to have with my belVita. It is the second time I have participated in a Britmums belVita challenge, having done their #MorningStories challenge earlier this year.

belVita breakfast

I have three types of early morning routine. The first is when I’m working early shift and leave home at 6:15am without time for breakfast, before the rest of the household is awake. So belVita would be great for me to take eat when I arrive at work. The second is when I have to get the boys to the bus-stop on time, otherwise they will miss their school buses. Usually we are in a big rush on these mornings, so again belVita could come in handy. And the third is at weekends when I can enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast.

So my #MorningWin moments on my early starts are finding the traffic not quite as bad as anticipated in the bottleneck parts of the journey. Perhaps arriving at the office early enough to nip into the nearby petrol station to fill up before work rather than after when I’m again in a rush for school pick-up. And then in the office finding a spare five minutes to grab breakfast, rather than suddenly realising it is lunchtime without having eaten. Or at the right time of the year, seeing some fantastic sunrises.

And my #MorningWin times on other days come when I’m back home after getting the boys on to the bus. First is not finding something that they have forgotten to take to school. And next is after getting through the chores quickly and having time to sit down and check my emails.

But my best #MorningWin moments are on days when there is no rush. The pleasure of being able to have a lie-in and maybe a long soak in the bath.


belVita are proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours as part of a balanced breakfast. They contain at least five wholegrains, are rich in cereals, are a source of fibre and contain a selection of vitamins. They are recommended to be eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, along with a portion of fruit, a portion of dairy and a drink. We followed this guideline, but again like last time, I felt hungry much sooner than 4 hours. But it is just me, as they do satisfy the boys.


The three flavours we received this time were apricot, choc chips and hazelnuts. They are new additions to the belVita range. We all agreed that they were very tasty. I’ll certainly be looking out for these in the supermarket.

Son1 also spotted that there are now 3 biscuits in each pack compared to 4 previously. But on checking the box, the packs are the same weight, so the biscuits must be larger.

This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of products I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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