Messy Kids

Both my boys can be very messy sometimes. We supposedly have a house rule to tidy up one toy before getting another out, but it is always ignored and the mess spreads from the playroom and their bedrooms to the rest of the house. And also I try to encourage them to put dirty clothes in the basket and to help clear the table after meals, but no it is usually me who ends up doing all that.

Toys everywhere

Toys everywhere!

And what about eating. Will they use knives and forks? Not if they can help it. So fingers get really sticky. Where do they wipe those sticky fingers? On napkins or kitchen roll – no of course not. They wipe them on their clothes. I’ve resorted to trying to insist they wear aprons at mealtimes at home. They tell me it is not cool to wear an apron, so I let them off if they have friends round. I’d quite happily ditch the aprons if they would use a napkin. I thought we would have left the messy eating phase behind years ago after we got past weaning.

Messy eating

Uh oh that sleeve is going to wipe across the side plate

Good job he wore an apron to eat

Good job he wore an apron to eat

They like to help bake sometimes which is great. But a big sigh from me afterwards as I try to clear up all the extra mess. Similar story when we have crafting sessions. I love their creativity, but it is hoover and cloth out for me to deal with the debris. And if they use bath crayons, it is me who has to clean it off.

Messy cooking

Messy cooking

Messy cooking

More messy cooking

Messy craft

Messy craft

Drawing on the bath

Drawing on the bath

Another niggle is why do they use non-washable pens at school. We have school shirts with black lines which don’t wash out.

And I hate these rainy autumn days right now as it means extra cleaning in the hall from all the leaves and pine needles etc that get walked into the house.  Thank goodness they do usually remember to take shoes off in the hall.

So tell me what mess your kids make?

Two Little Fleas


Disclosure.  This post is my entry to the “Messy Kids” Bloggers’ Competition hosted by Jen of The Mad House and sponsored by Two Little Fleas.


4 thoughts on “Messy Kids

  1. emma

    So, this mess stuff never ends? 😉 My boys are 9 months and 2 years and these pictures reminded me of the messes they already make!

    hi from #WeekendBlogHop


  2. Hannah

    I thought they would grow out of the mess too but so far mine haven’t yet either. Why do they have to wipe there hands on their clothes? I have to wash my son’s uniform white top everyday as its always covered in food stains. Great post on being messy.



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