Angel Delight Challenge – A blast from the past

Britmums have challenged bloggers to take part in the Angel Delight Challenge. Wow what a blast from the past. My mum frequently dished up Angel Delight for dessert when I was a kid. I loved it but I probably haven’t tasted it for well over 30 years. In fact I didn’t even realise it still existed. I was too late to get the free products, but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to introduce my kids to Angel Delight, to see what they thought of it. So I added it to my shopping list.

Angel Delight

My branch of Tesco didn’t stock the new bubblegum flavour, but they were selling other varieties on a 3 for £1.20 promotion, usually 50p each, so I bought 2 packets of chocolate and 1 of butterscotch. If my memory serves me correctly these were the 2 preferred flavours of my childhood. I seem to remember I wasn’t so keen on anything pink or yellow.

Angel Delight

I don’t think I’d ever made it myself back as a child, so a quick read of the instructions. I just needed to measure out 300ml milk, add the Angel Delight powder, give it a quick whisk and ready to serve when it had thickened 5 minutes later. It was so simple, didn’t take long to make and I only used a fork, no need for a mixer, blender or balloon whisk to whip it up. No issues setting, doesn’t even need to be put in the fridge to set. And looks lovely and bubbly.

So if you had read the packet and been wondering how to make angel delight without a whisk, the answer is to use a fork. Any type of milk is suitable to use – eg coconut, oat, soya. It doesn’t have to be cow’s milk. I guess you could even just try with water, although I haven’t tried so I’m not sure how good that would taste or whether it would thicken to a mousse-like consistency.

Angel Delight

It lived up to my expectations. And the boys gave it the seal of approval so I’ll certainly be purchasing Angel Delight again in the future. And what great value for money. A 50p packet serves 4 people.

Angel Delight

The packet also indicates that Angel Delight contains natural colours. Plus it gives you recipe tips with more hacks and ideas like Angel Delight ice cream milkshake or cheesecake online at Great Little Ideas.

This post is an entry for #AngelDelightMoments Linky Challenge.

Disclosure.  I didn’t receive any free products.  All opinions are my own.


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