The First Hippo on the Moon book review and giveaway

We received another free book for son2 to review. This book is The First Hippo on the Moon, written by David Walliams, best known as a comedian. although he has now written quite a number of best-selling childrens’ books. Son1 was quite interested too as he has previously enjoyed reading Mr Stink, also by David Walliams.

The First Hippo on the Moon

Son2 read the book very well to son1 and me. It is about 2 hippos who both want to be the first hippo on the moon, although neither knows about the other. And what happens when they get there and afterwards.

The First Hippo on the Moon

This hardback book currently retails at £6.49 on Amazon compared to an RRP of £12.99. It is also available as a Kindle edition. Great for young readers or for reading out loud to little ones in my opinion, so targetted at younger children than most of David Walliams’ titles. It is published by Harper Collins and has 32 colourful pages, illustrated by Tony Ross.

The First Hippo on the Moon

Son2 was feeling shy, so son1 tells us about the book in the following video review, with son2 showing us the book.

On the back cover of this book there is a weblink printed for The World of David Walliams. However when I typed it in, I was unable to find the website. So I did a search on Google and I found it had been printed wrongly with a stem when it should actually be Oops!

Lots of fun things for kids on the The World of David Walliams website. The boys enjoyed the games. Plus more info on The First Hippo on the Moon.

And I’m hosting a rafflecopter competition to giveaway a copy of The First Hippo on the Moon book to one lucky winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway – Please click on the link to enter.

And you may see my other giveaways here.

I’d love to hear what is your favourite book by David Walliams?

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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