Guest post – Trunki Toddlepak reins review

Disclosure.  This is a review of a product my sister received for free.  All opinions are her own.

I’ve been recruited as a Trunki blogger but the first product that I’ve been offered for review is the Toddlepak reins. These come in 7 choices of animal design / colour and retail for £17.99. Well the boys are both far too old for this product, so I checked with Trunki that it was okay to pass this opportunity onto my sister who has a toddler.

Trunki Toddlepak

She chose the yellow LeeRoy lion design and here is her review of the Toddlepak reins.

Well the Toddlepak reins do seem very good quality with a soft padded feel to the straps. It took me a minute or two to figure out how to make them larger, but once I had, I thought the way the straps were velcroed in was very clever, so you just have to position the strap onto the velco in the position for the size of your child. I am still trying to master the closing mechanism. It seems easy to shut, but I’m not finding it easy to open. Better this way round though if your child was having a tantrum about putting it on. The lion design is very cute and both my children liked this, we pretended to be roaring lions. My daughter wore it for a short time, but then wanted it off and not back on. But as she is not feeling well, I wasn’t surprised. We have a Littlelife Bag, which she loves wearing on her back, so I shall see how she compares that to this. They are both for sale for the same price at the moment. I think the price of £17.99 is comparable to other reins / rein bags of a similar quality. Our bag was a gift, but I am not sure I would have bought either because of the cost. We bought my older son a Trespass rein bag that cost around £10, and this is probably as much as we would want to spend.

trunki toddlepak

A wet weekend didn’t look promising for trying out the Toddlepak reins, but then a friend told us they had been to the Winter Wonderland at World’s End garden centre in Wendover. Everyone else had had the same idea, as the carpark was heaving, so we ended up having to park in the overflow carpark, which was very muddy. I haven’t yet decided whether it’s best to put the reins on with the strap on or off. As it was gloomy, I attached it to one side, but this was not a good idea, because I then dropped the other end on the muddy ground. Once we had cleared up we toddled off to the garden centre. My daughter was happy wearing the reins, and after a while she let go on hands and walked on the rein. We went round the Christmas shop first, and it was very crowded, but being on the short rein, seemed quite managable. We love to go and see the fish in the shop, especially as some of the tanks are on the floor, perfect for toddler. Then we looked around the mesmerising winter wonderland. She was in the Trunki reins for about 2 hours, but was never bothered by them. I liked the reflective panel across the front, which I noticed in the flash photography.

trunki toddlepak

You may find out more about Trunki on their website or facebook page.

trunki chief tester

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