Letters from Santa via the Lapland Mailroom

Letters have arrived for both boys from Santa today. They are going to be so excited when they get home from school and see these waiting for them. These are personalised letters from the Lapland Mailroom which we received free for the purposes of this review.

Lapland Mailroom - Letter from Santa

I wish that I had started writing this post when I ordered the letters back in late September, as I’m now a little hazy regarding that part of the process. However there were 3 choices of standard letter plus one for a baby’s first Christmas. There was also a little magnifying glass to zoom over part of the text. I would have preferred to zoom the whole letter to a readable size in its entirety.

I chose letter version 2 for both boys. The details you could personalise are as follows…

Santa Name Preference – I chose Father Christmas.
Child Name
Child Gender
Child Age
Which city or town will you be in on Christmas Eve – great idea if you are not at home.
What did you leave out for Santa and the Reindeers last year – I said reindeer food and carrot.
Child’s best friend or family member
Gift the child is hoping for
P.S – Your chance to add any special notes or achievements to the end of the letter (up to 255 characters)
Delivery Address
Delivery Town
Delivery County
Delivery Postcode

Here is a screenshot of a personalised letter.

Lapland Mailroom - Letter from Santa

The letters cost £6.95 each or £7.95 with an activity pack. I opted for the version with the activity pack. We also received Nice Child Certificates. There is currently a special offer to get one of these certificates free with every order, an additional saving of £2.99.

I thoroughly recommend these letters. It is such a delight to see your little ones’ faces light up with the special Christmas magic. But don’t delay. The last ordering date from Lapland Mailroom is 20th December.

Christmas activity pack

Contents of Christmas activity pack

Lapland Mailroom letter from Santa

Lapland Mailroom letter from Santa

I’ve highlighted where all the personalisation goes on the letter.

Lapland Mailroom Nice Child List Certificate

Nice Child List Certificate

And I was correct. The boys were both very excited to open and read their letters. They both got most excited by the mention of their best friend’s name, so that was a nice touch to include.

And they are looking forward to doing the activities. Son2 has already written his name on the doorhanger.

Lapland Mailroom Nice Child List Certificate

One very excited little boy

Lapland Mailroom Christmas Activity Pack

Another boy excited about Christmas

I’d love to hear what you or your child would ask Santa for?

Family Fever

Disclosure.  This post is a review of a product I was sent for free.  All opinions are my own.

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