Making a laurel headdress

It’s that time of year when school nativity plays abound. And I’ve been requested to provide costumes for both Son1 as a census official and Son2 as an innkeeper. Mostly fairly simple except the note for Son1 requested a laurel headdress. Now that sounded a challenge, especially as I’m not particularly creative.


Luckily we do have laurel growing in our garden, so I picked a few handfuls of laurel leaves and popped them in the airing cupboard for a few days to dry. I then cut a length of green garden wire several inches longer than the diameter of son1’s head and threaded the leaves on, ensuring that half faced one direction and half the other. I then placed it on son1’s head, twisting the wire ends closed.

making a laurel headdress

It looked fine on the floor whilst I was making it, but the leaves all flopped down once it was on son1’s head, so I hope school consider it okay.

making a laurel headdress

making a laurel headdress

nativity costume with a laurel headdress

nativity costume with a laurel headdress

Son1 as a census official

4 thoughts on “Making a laurel headdress

    1. mumjd Post author

      Thank you. It seemed a simple idea, but the leaves that I’d carefully lined up in direction as I threaded them, went whichever way they fancied once I picked it up off the floor



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