Snacks for Santa and the Reindeer

I’ve drawn the short straw as working 12 hour shifts all this week including Christmas Day. This meant I missed one of my favourite parts of Christmas today – the crib service at church. The rest of the family went without me. However I did get home in time to help the boys make some magic reindeer food. We mixed together oats and star shaped cake decorations. The boys then sprinkled this on the lawn for the reindeer.

Preparing magic reindeer food

magic reindeer food

sprinkling magic reindeer food

Son2 had made some mince pies at school a couple of weeks ago and had specially frozen one to save for Santa, so we got that out to defrost. The boys put it ready on the table by the fireplace along with a drink of milk and a carrot for Rudolph.

snacks for Santa

So we’re all ready for the big arrival tonight. Just need to wait for son1 to go to sleep. I’d love to hear your Christmas Eve traditions.

And as for tomorow. I don’t want to miss out too much on the boys’ fun. So I’ve just learnt how to use FaceTime and if it is not too busy at work, I hope to remotely watch them open some of their presents.

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