The Christmas that didn’t go to plan – part2

For those of you who didn’t see my initial post last Saturday, son1 went into hospital on Boxing Day. His temperature had breached the 38 degree limit when he has to go to hospital, due to his increased vulnerability to infections whilst undergoing chemotherapy. And most of the Christmas presents were still under the tree at home waiting to be opened.

So after sleeping at the hospital with son1 on Friday night, late Saturday afternoon I swapped over with my other half, in order to also spend some time with son2. But I was awoken at about 2:30am by son2 being sick in bed. Whilst cleaning up, I received a text from my other half saying he had been sick too. Uh-oh. Looked like they both had the same bug, which I really hoped son1 was not going to get. I had barely got son2 back into a clean bed before he was sick again, luckily in the loo this time. I spoke to my other half and agreed I would come back to the hospital asap to swap over with him. So once I had finished cleaning up and got the washing machine on, I quickly packed a bag. A slight delay as son2 was sick for the third time, just as we were about to leave. So he was bundled in the car, holding a bowl just in case and we drove back to the hospital. I texted my other half on arrival and we swapped over in the car-park, in order to prevent son2 from entering the premises.

Son1 was still asleep as I crept into his room, but was very surprised to see me there when he woke up the next morning. I explained what had happened overnight and checked that he was feeling okay. Yes he said. But no, he too was sick before 7:30am. The night-time swap had been to no avail. And he was slightly sick again a couple of hours later. Meanwhile I was washing my hands very frequently, thinking what happens if I get this bug.

From speaking to my other half on Sunday, I found that he had been sick a second time after he got home, but poor son2 must have been sick about 8 times in total. They were having to look after themselves as best as they could. Then just to add to everything, son1’s temperature spiked above 38 degrees again around 6pm on Sunday evening, which meant that the 48 hour countdown restarted. We were now going to be in hospital until at least Tuesday evening.

As his coughing hadn’t eased he was prescribed an inhaler on Monday morning. Then a chest x-ray later on Monday which thankfully was clear. The doctors were fairly confident that it was viral. And I was glad when the hospital restaurant reopened on Monday, as I was getting a bit fed up of toast.

When the doctors did their round on Tuesday morning, they said that nothing had been found on the blood cultures, so as long as his temperature remained okay that we would be able to come home that night. By late afternoon, son1 was getting hyper, having been cooped up in a little room for 4 days, so I was very relieved when they did the final temperature check at 6pm and it was low. He just needed a final 30 minute of IV antibiotics before his port was deaccessed.

At last we were out of the hospital and on our way home, after a short delay defrosting the windscreen. And I was pleased to see the other two were also better when we got back.

Finally Christmas could resume. The boys stayed up late opening Christmas presents and the last presents have been opened today. Although I think the last few days have caught up with me as I feel rubbish today. I’m starting a cold and I doubt I’ll succeed in staying up until midnight to welcome in 2015.

Opening Christmas presents

Opening Christmas presents

Opening Christmas presents

(No photography permitted on the ward).


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